NORTH SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – Meat & Livestock Australia (M.L.A.) announced changes to key executive positions. David Thomason, general manager - marketing, and Allan Bloxsom, general manager - industry systems, will be leaving the company. The position of general manager - marketing will be filled by Glen Feist and the position of general manager - industry systems will be filled by Michelle Gorman.

Mr. Thomason and Mr. Bloxsom had contributed substantially to developing and implementing their respective programs for the benefit of the entire industry, said David Palmer, managing director. The changes will allow M.L.A. to provide a new perspective and build further on the powerful legacy both men leave the industry.

"In David Thomason's case as M.L.A.'s marketing manager, since 1998 he has driven a successful period of domestic demand growth for our industry and in particular in the areas of the nutritional reputation of red meat and the positioning of lamb, particularly the highly successful Australia Day/Sam Kekovich campaigns," Mr. Palmer said. "Allan Bloxsom has contributed much to the industry in commercial roles and with M.L.A. as both regional manager for Europe from 1999 to 2001 and as industry systems general manager since 2002.

"In that time, Allan has overseen the establishment and operation of the N.L.I.S. and L.P.A. helpdesk and communications programs and the commercialization of the M.S.A. program which now grades over 1.2 million cattle per year and underpins more than 30 brands in the marketplace,´ Mr. Palmer added. “I personally acknowledge the dedication and achievements of David and Allan and wish them well for the future."

Mr. Feist is well-known for his achievements as regional manager for Korea from 2002 to 2009 and recently as regional manager in the Japanese market. His time in Korea saw the awareness of Australian beef grow strongly through a variety of retail, foodservice and consumer activities. Before joining M.L.A., he assumed a number of marketing and management roles within Dairy Farm International in Hong Kong. He brings strong marketing experience and ideas to take on the challenge of continuing the positive momentum for red meat nutrition and domestic lamb as well as the creation and delivery of an inspiring domestic beef marketing program, Mr. Palmer said.

Ms. Gorman has undertaken a number of roles since joining M.L.A. at its inception in 1998, including marketing, planning and market access roles. After serving as regional manager for Europe in 2001/2002, she worked for the American Farm Bureau in Washington D.C. as director, regulatory relations. In 2006, she rejoined the company as regional manager North America. Ms. Gorman has developed strong relationships across all industry sectors, which are imperative to the continued successful operations of cross-sectoral programs such as N.L.I.S. and M.S.A.

She began her new position on June 28 and Mr. Feist will begin once an appropriate transition process in Japan has been completed.