HORSHOLM, DENMARK – A new range of meat cultures from Chr. Hansen includes a fermentation scheme for Italian-type salamis.

"With the new cultures and the new technology the individual salami producer gets freedom of action," said John Jensen, marketing director of meat cultures for Chr. Hansen. "At any time he can adapt the fermentation scheme to market requirements, he can sell his product early in the process because of impeccable food safety and product stability, and he can accelerate drying excessively towards the end of processing hence creating a very hard surface."

Mr. Jensen added salami producers also may do the opposite by slowing down the process to create high quality flavor profiles.

"The choice lies with the producer," Mr. Jensen said. "We just give him the options."

The meat cultures offer other benefits in slice-ability and color stability, according to Chr. Hansen. A stable pH drop inhibits the growth of Listeria and Salmonella without compromising the taste profile. Chr. Hansen’s new Staphylococci strains give the desired taste profile even at a fast pH drop during the first 24 hours.

The cultures may be used to change ripening parameters. For example, modifying the temperature and applied humidity along with the management of the air circulation may lead to less dry rim and a shorter drying process without a sensory feature change in the sausage.