MISSISSAUGA , ON. – According to a new public opinion survey, more than 80% of Canadian grocery shoppers say they purchase private-label brands. Private-label products are gaining in popularity among consumers throughout Canada because they offer equal or better taste and quality when compared to leading national brands while saving shoppers money, according to the spring consumer trends poll for Sobeys by Harris/Decima.

Forty-nine percent of Canadian shoppers said they purchase private-label brands frequently and 34 percent said they sometimes purchase them.

"Sobeys recognizes Canadians are not only looking for competitive prices, but also for quality products that they can trust to feed their families,” said Belinda Youngs, chief marketing officer for Sobeys Inc. “That's why we continue to respond through our Compliments private-label assortment by offering a wide range of products that provide extraordinary value to our customers.”

Fifty-eight percent of Canadians who purchase private-label products frequently say they are less expensive and offer their families greater value. And 48% of frequent private-label buyers said they feel the products are comparable, or better, in quality than national brand names.

Although the survey showed canned goods (71%), household products (62%), frozen foods (54%) and staples (53%) continue to be popular private-label choices for shoppers, Canadians are increasingly choosing private-label products in categories like dairy (49%), fresh produce (48%), fresh meat (48%) and fresh baked goods (45%). Private-label brands are most popular in Quebec and Ontario, with 54% and 51%, respectively, of survey respondents saying they purchase them frequently.