CALGARY, ALBERTA –The A.O.A.C. (Association of Official Analytical Chemists) Research Institute, the approval body for all U.S. food-safety tests, has awarded another approved beef sample modification to FoodChek Systems Inc.’s existing A.O.A.C.-approved FoodChek-E. coli O157 test. This extended A.O.A.C. approval for the N-60 Beef Trim sample is a U.S. Department of Agriculture (U.S.D.A.)-prescribed procedure for beef trim testing and compliments FoodChek's other A.O.A.C. approvals including 25g, 65g, 325g and the industry-standard sample size of 375g for detecting E. coli O157 in raw ground beef.

The A.O.A.C. N-60 Beef Trim approval further supports the company's proprietary MICT magnetic technology platform as being a robust analytical method, the company relays. FoodChek's suite of approved food-safety tests provides meat processors with the ability to monitor and verify the effectiveness of their microbial interventions in less than eight hours, including the enrichment time.

As such, FoodChek-E. coli O157 will provide processors with the fastest verification tool to divert trim that has tested positive for E. coli O157 from being used in the production of raw ground beef, the company claims.

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