DAKOTA DUNES, S.D. – Tyson Fresh Meats is launching SupremeTenderPork.com, which provides consumers with pork recipes and valuable cooking tips to ensure the best cooking and eating experiences with Supreme Tender pork, the according to the company. 

Quick-and easy recipes can be found in the “Delicious Recipes” section of the website. A variety of recipes are available, including Teriyaki Pork Skewers, Simple Spareribs and a Barbeque Pork Skillet. The company said recipes will be added regularly to give customers new options to spice up ordinary meals.

A Cooking Guide provides consumers with information on cooking times and temperatures for a variety of pork cuts at different thicknesses and weights. According to the company, the guide will be a valuable resource for consumers who are cooking-challenged or just need a quick reference while preparing meals at home.

“We launched the Supreme Tender pork website to connect customers directly to the brand,” said Kent Harrison, senior director of marketing, value creation for Tyson Fresh Meats. “In this era of information, we are committed to communicating all the great benefits of Supreme Tender pork to our customers, as well as providing meal solutions and cooking guides to help them prepare delicious meals for their families.”