SWEDESBORO, N.J. — Rastelli Foods Group in South Jersey plans to begin a $22 million meat plant expansion in June that will nearly triple the size of its Swedesboro plant and add 120 people to Rastelli's overall workforce of 625, according to thePhiladelphia Enquirer. Just six years ago, 91,000 square feet was added to its then 49,000 sq. ft. plant.

Starting out as small-town retail provider, Rastelli Foods has since evolved into a major supplier of beef to high-end steak houses and chains with 1,000 locations. But a major driver of the latest expansion is RastelliDirect, a new company vehicle to sell meat via the Internet.

On track to achieve almost $1 billion in sales this year, the company also sells pork, chicken, veal, lamb and seafood, Rastelli Foods ranked 39th on a list of top meat processors published in March byMEAT&POULTRYmagazine.