WASHINGTON – A pre-publication Federal Register Notice from the Department of Health and Human Services and the U.S. Department of Agriculture announces the availability of the final report of the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee. This will serve as the basis for a revision of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, which H.H.S. and U.S.D.A. expect to publish later this year.

The pre-publication Federal Register Notice is available online.

Once publicly available, the American Meat Institute will review the committee’s report and provide comments if warranted. Last week, A.M.I. joined 23 food and beverage industry associations in a letter urging U.S.D.A. and H.H.S. co-executive secretaries for the 2010 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee to release access to U.S.D.A.’s Nutrition Evidence Library (N.E.L.). Citing Office of Management and Budget guidelines, the letter states, “In anticipation of the release of the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee technical report and subsequent public comment process, it is imperative for the Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion [C.N.P.P.] to release access to the N.E.L. report in the interest of transparency and compliance with the Data Quality Act.”

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