GREELEY, COLO. — Pilgrim’s Pride Corp. announced on June 18 that it would launch a new brand identity and a new lineup of chicken nugget products.

“Today’s consumer does not want to eat boring chicken, but the lack of variety in the frozen chicken aisle has left them with dry, bland, and forgettable options,” said Sergio Nahuz, president of prepared foods and chief marketing officer at Pilgrim’s US. “At Pilgrim’s, we’re combatting chicken monotony by reimagining what chicken nuggets can be. Our new brand is bold and imaginative with nuggets that put taste at the forefront, because we’re not chicken about chicken.”

Some featured items from Pilgrim’s include Loaded Nuggets, which are available in Chicken Pot Pie and Cheesy Jalapeño. Next, Pilgrim’s will offer Mini Nuggets that can be enjoyed for dinner time and snack time. They will come in three flavors: Zesty Ranch, Buttery and Original. Finally, the company also launched the Ultimate Nuggets, which Pilgrim’s described as “seriously flavorful, dangerously crispy, and perfectly seasoned.”

According to Circana data provided by Pilgrim’s, chicken nuggets represent 40% of the frozen cooked chicken market. However, the grocery store aisle does not have much variety with 97% of all new nugget products just being changes in pack size.

“Pilgrim’s mission to liven up mealtime has the brand going all-in on nuggets with exciting flavors and new innovations to satisfy America’s cravings,” the company said in its news release.