TYLER, TEXAS — John Soules Foods announced a partnership with Mike’s Hot Honey to create a new product offering, Hot Honey BBQ Chicken Bites.

The chicken bites pair sweet heat flavor with savory, thick, juicy white chicken meat. The bites are breaded with a crisp, golden coating and then glazed with a hot honey barbecue sauce made with Mike’s Hot Honey.

“We see consumers looking for ways to put a new spin on familiar foods,” said Michael Pierce, Head of Marketing at John Soules Foods. “We’re excited to partner with Mike’s Hot Honey to do just that, bringing a fresh perspective to the traditional honey BBQ flavored breaded chicken bite. We think we’ve combined the best of hot honey with the best of chicken to create a craveable flavor experience consumers are going to love.”

The Hot Honey BBQ Chicken Bites are currently available at Kroger retail locations.