HOUSTON — Turkey, egg and deli producer Cooper Farms released a peek into its 2024 Impact Report, highlighting the family farm’s commitment to continuous improvement over its 86-year history. The 20-page preliminary report was distributed at this year’s International Dairy, Deli and Bakery Association (IDDBA), with a more detailed report to come later in the year.

“In our second corporate social responsibility report, we share a glimpse of what we do every day to invest responsibly in our farms, plants and communities,” said Gary Cooper, chief operating officer of Cooper Farms and third-generation family farmer. “For many years we did these things without tracking every detail and measurement. Today, we have metrics in place to intentionally and continuously improve our efforts.”

The report features data on workers, animal welfare, food safety and waste management.

At the time of the report, Cooper Farms employed over 2,260 team members, 61% of which were male and 39% female. With an emphasis on career development, the company noted nearly half of its employees had been with Cooper Farms for five or more years.

Since 2016, Cooper Farms has partnered with Marathon Health to provide free primary health care clinics to all team members and their families covered by the company insurance program. Currently, Cooper Farms has eight healthcare center locations, which save its team members approximately $2.1 million in total a year.

Animal care is another top priority for Cooper Farms. The report noted that 100% of animal handling hauling truck drivers receive transport quality assurance training, and 100% of hog division team members and family farmers receive pork quality assurance training. The company has a zero-tolerance policy for not following animal welfare policies.

For the past seven years, Cooper Farms has strived to decrease waste and leave the land better for future generations. With over 98% of the company’s waste diverted from the landfill in 2023, Cooper Farms is inching closer to its goal of becoming a zero-waste company.

Cooper Farms takes its responsibility of preserving food safety seriously. In 2023, the company had zero recalls. A total of 85 team members are dedicated to quality services across company locations, and 199 workers are dedicated to nightly sanitation.

On top of its business operations, Cooper Farms looks for ways to give back to the community. In 2023, the company donated more than 78,000 lbs of meat and 13,000 lbs of eggs. The Cooper Family Foundation donated a total of $1.1 million between 2021-2023 and awarded $54,200 through V.H. Cooper Scholarships.

“We do this all with full traceability, flexibility and room for innovation that meets consumers’ needs, respects their demands and maintains their trust in our products,” Cooper said.