WASHINGTON — Laoban, an Asian frozen dumpling brand, is expanding its product line to include frozen bao buns.

Founded by Tim Ma and Patrick Coyne, Laoban Dumplings began as a dumpling shop in Washington in 2017. Ma and Coyne later created a line of restaurant-inspired frozen dumplings in 2021.

The bao buns are formulated with chicken, pork, beef and shiitake mushrooms.

To prepare the buns, consumers may put them in the microwave for one minute, providing a convenient, on-the-go meal.

“Our buns tap into the two greatest reasons consumers turn to us — the unique combination of high-quality convenience and delectable flavor,” Coyne said. “We want to change the way consumers think about the frozen aisle by making quality frozen food like our buns part of your weekly, or daily, routine.”

The buns come in a four pack and include flavors of Chinese style barbeque pork, spicy beef and sesame chicken.

The buns will roll out in Whole Foods Market locations nationwide this month.

“I’m so excited for Laoban’s new Bao Buns to hit freezers nationwide,” Ma said. “We’ve spent the last year working on the recipes to make sure we’re bringing the restaurant experience straight to your home kitchen. The final recipe gives me visceral memories of eating bao buns as a child with my family, and I hope it evokes that same feeling for everyone who eats them.”