SEWARD, NEB. — HerdDogg, an animal agriculture technology company, announced the closing of a $6 million Series A4 fundraising round this past week for its smart ear tags.

HerdDogg’s ear tags monitor cattle’s internal body temperature, movement and acceleration in three directions. Through advanced data analytics, the company’s tracking system can identify disease in cattle days before traditional industry approaches, said HerdDogg.

The company believes it can reduce methane emissions by lowering cattle mortality rates through early disease intervention. HerdDogg estimates that, if its smart ear tag system is implemented on all US farms for cattle post-weaning, it could reduce the number of beef cattle raised by 700,000 head, the equivalent of 1.7 million tonnes of carbon dioxide sequestered, annually.

“Our team strives to improve the lives of cattlemen and their animals through consistent monitoring and early disease detection,” said Andrew Uden, chief executive officer of Herddogg. “This allows producers to make better decisions and be efficient with their time and resources, thus improving returns and lowering their environmental impact.”

In the past two months, HerdDogg has doubled the number of its ear tags deployed across the United States and Australia. Soon, the company will expand into the Canadian market.

The fundraising round was led by Serra Ventures and Wonder Fund North Dakota, with participation by Lever VC Fund II and others.