NEW RICHLAND, MINN. — Neighbor’s Meats LLC acquired Mankato, Minn.-based Hilltop Meat Market, the companies announced this week on their Facebook pages.

Full-service butcher shop Neighbor’s Meats, New Richland, Minn., was established in 2021 under the ownership of Dan Lewer, fourth-generation beef and pork producer, and his wife Amber Lewer.

Hilltop Meat Market is not only transitioning its ownership from Denny and Linnea Wick to the Lewers; it's also getting a new name. The new owners will be changing the company’s name to Hilltop Neighbor’s Meats LLC.

"We are so excited to keep Hilltop in the name to hopefully make a smooth transition for all of the current customers and to honor the legacy Denny and Linnea have grown over all these years," Dan Lewer said.

Neighbor’s Meats has plans to reorganize the retail area and offer new products directly from its New Richland location. Additionally, Neighbor’s employee Kevin Thooft will transition to newly acquired facility as manager.

The company will do all slaughtering and butchering at its New Richland location.