SNOW HILL, MD. — Tyson Foods officials confirmed local media reports of a fire at its feed mill in Snow Hill, Md., that has been burning since May 17.

“We are continuing to monitor a fire inside a silo at our Snow Hill, Md., feed mill,” a Tyson spokesperson said. “The fire is contained inside the silo, and we are working closely with the local fire department and a specialized onsite team.”

Tyson noted that because the silo contains corn, a strong odor will be emitted from the facility as they work to extinguish the fire. Roads leading to the facility have been closed as a safety precaution.

“We will continue to provide regular updates to local officials in the Snow Hill community,” Tyson added.

The Worcester County Fire Marshal’s Office (WCFM), the Department of Emergency Services (DES) and the Snow Hill Volunteer Fire Department are working to help put out the fire and monitor the air quality.

Tyson contracted with an independent monitoring firm that has confirmed that air quality within Snow Hill is within normal regulatory limits and will continue to be monitored for community, environment and health concerns.

“We have reviewed the air quality test results, which reflect that all readings are within normal ranges,” said Matt Owens, WCFM fire marshal, according to a Facebook post from the Snow Hill Volunteer Fire Department. “However, like any form of smoke, those who are sensitive to air quality conditions may wish to limit outdoor activities.”

The Snow Hill Volunteer Fire Department noted that the primary method of suppressing this type of fire is using nitrogen to displace oxygen. The use of fire hoses would be limited to any grain that may still be smoldering once removed from the silo.

In the morning on May 24, the department cautioned in a Facebook post that smoke levels at Tyson may increase during the day due to operations.

“This is expected,” the post said. “The fire department remains on site assisting the contractor with work. Air monitoring remains in place.”