BELLEVILLE, ON. — Canada’s Bioniche Life Sciences Inc. has signed a partnership agreement with Bayer Animal Health, a division of Bayer Australia Limited, for distributing two cattle reproduction products. The agreement takes effect on July 1, at which time, Bayer Animal Health will become the exclusive distributor of Bioniche's Cue-Mate and Pregnecol products in Australia.

Cue-Mate and Pregnecol are designed to enhance reproductive performance in both beef and dairy cattle, according to the company.

"This is an important partnership for Bioniche Animal Health in Australia," said Andrew Grant, divisional president of Bioniche Animal Health Export Sales, Europe and Asia. "More than ever, beef and dairy producers are striving to improve their reproductive performance, and our products offer exciting new options to do this. A market of over 15 million cows remains relatively untapped, and market education is critical for Cue-Mate and Pregnecol to grow. Bayer will assist us in both expanding the market and in establishing a greater presence within it — the growth opportunities are significant."

"With Bayer's extensive network of representatives across Australia, these products will now be more widely understood by and accessible to cattle producers and veterinarians looking to boost their business via targeted breeding programs,” added Udo Klein, general manager of Bayer Animal Health in Australia and New Zealand.

Pregnecol is a pregnant mare serum gonadotrophin (P.M.S.G.) — or equine chorionic gonadotrophin (eCG). Bioniche is the only supplier of domestically sourced and manufactured product. Cue-Mate offers an efficient and flexible progesterone treatment system, using specially designed treatment pods that attach to a reusable "wishbone" carrier system to deliver the progesterone for maximum effect.