SPRINGDALE, ARK. — Tyson Food Service announced the company will offer hams under the Wright and Corn King brands. Company representatives say three product tiers feature products for any menu need and at any price point, ranging from the premium and mid-tier offerings of the Wright brand to the value hams of the Corn King brand.

Wright brand and Corn King brand hams are designed to meet any carving, slicing or shaving needs. Made from fresh ham muscles produced to stringent specifications — these hams are cured, gluten-free, and several varieties carry a Lean or Extra Lean claim.

Ham tiers include:

? Wright Premium Brand — These high-quality, natural-juice hams deliver natural hardwood smoked flavor and are ideal for entrée carving or slicing, according to the company. Product is available in bone-in whole and bone-in half-ham varieties, as well as the boneless Legacy ham.

? Wright Brand — Classic Wright brand, mid-tier water-added hams provide traditional flavor and taste and are versatile for heat-and-hold, heat-and-serve or slice-and-serve cold applications. Varieties include Pit, Mini Pit, Celebration Bolo Style Pit Ham, Honey Cured Round Ham, Vintage Round Ham, Virginia Brand Round Ham, Black Forest D-Shaped Ham, Timeless Recipe Buffet Ham and Deli Style 4x6 Ham.

? Corn King Brand — Corn King hams offer value and are ideal for slicing or shaving applications, according to Tyson. Available ham-and-water varieties include Smoked Round Ham, 32% Ham and Water; Smoked Buffet Ham, 32% Ham and Water; Smoked Buffet Ham, 35% Ham and Water; and Cooked 4x6 Ham, 35% Ham and Water.