MILFORD, CONN. — The Subway restaurant chain is launching its new Orchard Chicken Salad Sandwich, available for a limited time only. It includes diced chicken breast with chunks of apple, raisins and cranberries tossed in light, creamy mayonnaise and served with lettuce and tomato on the customer’s choice of bread.

The Orchard Chicken Salad sandwich is available now through July 4. It features 8 grams of fat per six-inch sandwich. As a footlong sandwich, it takes its place on the restaurant's famous $5 Footlong value menu.

"The Orchard Chicken Salad sandwich not only fits in perfectly in our selection of Fresh Fit meals, which include a low-fat sandwich with healthier-for-you sides, but also represent a distinct new taste that is packed with flavor," said Lanette Kovachi, Subway corporate dietitian.