S. FALLSBURG, N.Y. – Murray’s Chicken has introduced uncured, gluten-free chicken bacon made from Certified Humane antibiotic-free chickens. The company said the product remains true to the taste of traditional, premium bacon, but the naturally hardwood-smoked chicken bacon contains 83% less fat than the leading pork brand and features no nitrates or preservatives.

Chickens used to make this product are raised on select family farms and contain no antibiotics or hormones, plus they are fed an all-natural, 100% vegetarian diet. Product is made from chicken thighs and breast meat seasoned with sea salt, maple sugar, celery powder and spices.

A 1-oz. serving of Murray’s chicken bacon contains 35 calories versus 251 calories for standard pork bacon and 1 gram of fat per serving.

“We’re always responsive to the consumer and there was a huge demand for non-pork bacon made with pure, simple honest ingredients” said Steve Gold, vice president sales and marketing. “Our new, uncured chicken bacon is in a class by itself. It has excellent texture, crisps beautifully and offers a wonderful smoky sweetness and superb flavor.”

Mr. Gold told MEATPOULTRY.com that each 8 oz. package features an average suggested retail price of $3.99.

Murray’s Chicken said it is the first poultry company to implement a Farm Source Verification System to provide consumers with information about the family farm where the purchased chicken was raised. All of Murray’s products carry the Certified Humane label, a confirmation of its humanitarian care of its chickens. Murray’s packages its products in eco-friendly foamless packaging, which reduces waste and encourages recycling.