WELLINGTON, N.Z. – Last month in Busan, South Korea’s second-largest city, Meat & Wool New Zealand showcased New Zealand grass-fed beef at a major food and beverage sector promotion. The 2010 New Zealand Food Connection event was a great opportunity to grow the number of local foodservice and retail companies using New Zealand beef, said Craig Finch, Meat & Wool New Zealand general manager market development.

“We presented a range of Korean-style beef dishes to 135 key personnel from the foodservice, retail and distribution sectors in Busan, as well as to local media, and we provided Korean-language information on the nutrition and health benefits of grass-fed beef,” he said. “For many, the event was their first opportunity to sample New Zealand grass-fed beef, and they were particularly interested in comparing it with the grain-fed beef they are more familiar with.”

Recipes from a Meat & Wool New Zealand Korean-language recipe book featuring Korean-style dishes made with New Zealand beef were used for the menu.

“It was really pleasing to hear positive feedback on the taste of the beef and its suitability for use in Korean cooking,” Mr. Finch said. “Many attendees were also impressed by the nutritional and health benefits of the beef. After such a positive response from those who visited the event, we hope to use it as a stepping stone to further enhance consumption of New Zealand grass-fed beef in the Busan area.”