BERWICK, NOVA SCOTIA — Eden Valley Poultry Inc., based in Berwick, Nova Scotia, received an investment of C$2.93 million from the government of Canada.

The funding comes from the Supply Management Processing Investment Fund, which supports processors’ competitiveness and resilience in changing markets.

The investment will help modernize Eden Valley’s wastewater systems and packaging equipment. Additionally, Eden Valley will adopt an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to support increased processing capacity and improved efficiency.

“Eden Valley Poultry is grateful for the financial support of the government of Canada through the Supply Management Processing Investment Fund,” said Werner Barnard, president and chief executive officer of Eden Valley Poultry. “These funds will add to our continuous reinvestment in our plant and help our vision of being a leading processor and marketer of choice for Nova Scotia and PEI chicken and turkey. Eden Valley Poultry is proud to feed Canadians.”

Founded in 2012, Eden Valley is the only federally regulated poultry processor in Nova Scotia. It produces fresh whole chickens, boneless skinless chicken breasts and frozen whole turkeys.

“Eden Valley Poultry is a key economic driver and employer in our region, supporting producers here in Nova Scotia as well as Prince Edward Island,” said Kody Blois, Member of Parliament for Kings–Hants. “This investment will support increased capacity which benefits local producers, strengthens food security and positions the sector for continued growth.”