CORVALLIS, ORE. — The Niche Meat Processor Assistance Network (NMPAN) will hold an upcoming webinar to examine how small and mid-sized processors can find options for solid waste management. 

The webinar titled “Innovations in Waste Management for Meat Processors” will be held on May 30 starting at 9 a.m. PST and Noon EST.

“As we all know, small and mid-sized meat processors are running out of options for solid waste management,” NMPAN said on its website. “Landfills are now charging exorbitant rates, if they’ll take processing waste at all. Many states do not allow composting, and rendering companies have all but disappeared.”

The group stated that it would have Beau Sheets and Alistair Haughton of Assured Renewables as part of the webinar, along with Matthew Epp of Ecodrum.

NMPAN noted that the current USDA meat capacity grants were open until July 19, which can help small and medium-sized plants address waste solutions.