PHOENIX, ARIZ. – Bar-S Foods has launched a new beef variety to its bun-length franks. The new Bar-S 1-lb. Beef Bun Length Frank “is a high-quality frank that has a bold, beefy flavor,” the company said. Bar-S bun-length franks are now available in both classic meat and beef varieties.

Each 1-lb. package contains eight franks, and the suggested retail price ranges between $2.99 and $3.99 per package, a Bar-S spokesman told

“The new beef variety has been a frequently requested item and it just made sense for us to add this to our already popular bun-length line,” said Leslie Pellillo, division vice president of marketing.

Producing more than 100 products, including franks, lunchmeat, corn dogs, bacon, deli pouch lunchmeat, dinner sausage and ham, Bar-S is recognized as one of the 10 largest privately held companies in Arizona and it also ranks among the top 40 largest meat-processing companies in the U.S.