NEWPORT BEACH, CALIF. – Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. announced the appointment of Frank Yiannas to its Food Safety Advisory Council on April 13. Yiannas is the fifth member of the council, which is comprised of independent food safety experts tasked with ensuring Chipotle’s food safety practices evolve with the times and serve as the blueprint for the foodservice sector.  Earlier this year, Yiannis resigned from his role as the US Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) deputy commissioner for food policy and response, a position he held since 2018. In the 30 years before joining the FDA, he served in food safety and leadership roles with Walmart and The Walt Disney Co.  

Yiannas is the newest addition to the council, which includes David Acheson, MD, former FDA Associate Commissioner of Foods; Elisabeth Hagen, MD, former United States Department of Agriculture Undersecretary for Food Safety; Hal King, PhD, former Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Research Scientist and Director of Food Safety with Chick-fil-A; and James Marsden, PhD, former Head of Food Safety at Chipotle and distinguished professor.

Kerry Bridges, vice president of food safety with Chipotle, said maintaining the company’s bench of food safety advisors is a priority.

“In order to make sure our food safety culture and programs are as robust as possible, it’s critical to supplement our internal expertise with independent external guidance,” he said. “Frank’s vast experience with the FDA and other large brands will help guarantee Chipotle’s food safety standards continue to be best in class.”

“I’m delighted to join and collaborate with some of the nation’s foremost food safety authorities and serve on Chipotle's Food Safety Advisory Council,” Yiannas said. “I look forward to lending my experience to a company committed to ‘cultivating a better world’ that benefits people and the planet.”