CARLSTADT, NJ. — Schweid & Sons continues to roll out new products for customers, with the next one focused on the beef category.

The company recently announced that it would be introducing its Brazen Climate Friendly Ground Beef Burgers which will be available nationwide thanks to a partnership with Tyson Foods.

“Discerning consumers continually choose Schweid & Sons because we consistently deliver fresh, premium ground beef made from only the highest quality cuts of beef,” said Jamie Schweid, president and chief executive officer of Schweid & Sons. “What we know is that ground beef consumption has been on the rise, and based on 2022 figures from Nielsen IQ, it’s the most popular form of beef purchased by consumers. The Schweid name is synonymous with ‘The Very Best Burger’ and we are honored to continue that legacy by bringing great-tasting, climate-friendly ground beef patties to our consumers. We look forward to our ongoing partnership with the Brazen Beef brand.”

Tyson previously stated that its new climate-smart beef program would demonstrate a 10% reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through sustainable agricultural practices in the supply chain.

The beef products from Schweid & Sons will roll out at grocery locations under The Signature Blend brand, made from chuck and brisket, and The Butcher’s Blend, made from assorted cuts of premium beef.

“Our fresh, climate-friendly ground beef burgers reflect a cooperative effort to bring consumers a great-tasting burger that also satisfies our commitment to the environment and the future of the planet we all share,” Schweid stated.