HARRISONBURG, VA. — Farmer Focus announced the launch of Organic Ground Chicken, available at select grocery retailers.

Created by Sean McLendon — vice president of research and development at Farmer Focus and a James Beard-nominated chef — the ground chicken is formed from premium cuts of leg meat ground in a coarse artisanal style. The result is a dark meat blend that locks in moisture and holds flavor.

“As more people continue to shift to cooking at home, 87% of consumers are buying more or the same amount of fresh chicken today versus six months ago due to its inherent health benefits, versatility and economic value,” said Kathryn Tuttle, chief commercial officer at Farmer Focus. “As demand for organic poultry products expands, Farmer Focus Organic Ground Chicken offers retailers a premium option to drive incremental growth while offering consumers a culinary experience that will quickly become a weeknight kitchen staple."

Farmer Focus said its Organic Ground Chicken maintains moisture whether cooked in a pan, grill or oven so any at-home cook can make flavorful dishes.

"As a chef, I have seen home cooks struggle to prepare ground chicken well,” McLendon said. “That challenge inspired me to create a recipe that would be foolproof to prepare, making at-home cooks look like chefs. Economical and recipe-ready, Farmer Focus' ground chicken elevates classics like chili and meatballs and shines centerstage in burgers and tacos."

Farmer Focus Organic Ground Chicken is available at Harris Teeter locations at a suggested retail price of $6.99. Farmer Focus plans to expand the product to other retailers later in the spring.

According to IRI data, Farmer Focus was the fastest-growing organic chicken brand in grocery stores in 2022.

The company received a $3.6 million grant in February as part of the US Department of Agriculture’s Meat and Poultry Processing Expansion Program (MPPEP) to expand its poultry processing facility in Harrisonburg, Va. The company has already increased its retail presence, currently distributing products across more than 4,000 stores.