HAIFA, ISRAEL — Food technology company Ever After Foods — formerly known as Plurinuva — launched a patented bioreactor platform that produces cultivated meat.

The company said its platform paves the way for scalable and cost-effective meat cultivation.

“Current cultivated meat companies all use very similar methods for growing cells and face insurmountable challenges when it comes to scaling production in a cost-effective manner,” said Eyal Rosenthal, Ever After Foods’ chief executive officer. “To achieve cost parity, their methods will demand huge bioreactors of more than 10,000 liters, which are infeasible for use with animal cells.

“Ever After Foods’ disruptive technology enables significantly higher cultivated meat production capacity, with efficiencies that lower resources and costs. We can currently produce more than 10 kg of cultivated meat mass with just a 35-liter bioreactor and have a proven path to scale and reach price parity.”

The company said its proprietary bioreactor technology provides a 700% increase in productivity compared to other cultivated meat technology platforms and requires significantly lower capital expenditures and production costs.

The cultivated meat is composed of the same elements found in conventional meat, including fat and muscle cells and the extra cellular matrix (ECM) proteins.

“This is not a fad. Addressing food security, health, sustainability and animal-welfare concerns, cultivated meat is the future of food,” Rosenthal said. “Our new name, logo and branding underscore our ambition to deliver the future of meat, sustainably, ever after.”