KANSAS CITY, MO. — The Irish Food Board, Bord Bia, recently kicked off its new campaign to bring more European beef and lamb into the United States.

As promotional events and campaigns recently began in New York City, MEAT+POULTRY caught up with Henry Horkan, Bord Bia’s director of North America. 

Horkan shares the history of Irish cattle and how it’s grown into an important industry for Ireland. 

He then details the significance of the American market in this push to give consumers an international option.

Horkan also explains the timeline for a three-year campaign and how it will help Bord Bia with its marketing to the United States. 

Horkan then discusses his career with Bord Bia and what other markets the organization plans to work with around the world as it grows.

Five years ago, MEAT+POULTRY managing editor Erica Shaffer traveled to Ireland and detailed the grass-fed beef production, national traceability and sustainability programs in the country.