SPOKANE, WASH. — Shortly after Tyson Foods Inc. received $63 million from cattle ranch scammer Cody Easterday, the rancher filed his own lawsuit against the company.

Tyson filed its suit against Easterday Ranches Inc. in January 2021 for a ghost cattle scam, in which Easterday charged the processor for feeding cattle that did not exist. Over a year later, he was sentenced to 11 years in prison for defrauding Tyson and another company out of $244 million.

Easterday Ranches filed for bankruptcy following the lawsuit. The filing revealed 20 large outstanding debts.

According to court documents, the parties agreed to reduce Easterday’s restitution amount by $67 million. After paying Tyson $63 million in January, he still owes the company $177 million.

On Feb. 13, Easterday filed a new complaint with the Eastern District of Washington court against Tyson for “injunctive relief and monetary damages as well as such other relief,” the court documents said.

Easterday alleged that Tyson exercised unfair and deceptive practices through its large market share, violating the Packers and Stockyards Act. Specifically, he said Tyson charged Easterday Ranches “erroneous fees, interest, and commissions, in violation of federal and state law, including the PSA,” over their 10-year business dealings.