WASHINGTON — Foster Farms’ latest petition for an emergency service order that would direct the Union Pacific Railroad Company (UP) to deliver corn to the poultry processor’s California facilities was denied as moot by the Surface Transportation Board (STB).

STB will require UP to file weekly status reports through May 15.

In the summer, STB granted an emergency service order for Foster Farms. The company requested the order so that it could feed its livestock and maintain obligations to customers, which was proving difficult to do after delayed shipping issues.

After Foster Farms presented a second emergency service order request due to delivery issues with UP, STB ordered the distribution company on Dec. 30, 2022, to meet specific service commitments to the processor. According to UP, the deliveries were delayed due to “weather events.”

In January, Foster Farms received five trains so that all its facilities could be fully operational again.

STB said the docket will remain open for 180 days in case any further action is necessary.

“We appreciate the consideration of the Surface Transportation Board, and their continued interest in ensuring that grain delivery schedules are met,” said Ira Brill, spokesperson for Foster Farms.