FULTON, MO. –– Hermann Wurst Haus, a meat processor and retail business based in Hermann, Mo., announced on Feb. 13 that it would purchase Central Missouri Meat & Sausage Co. and the Barnyard Smokehouse in Fulton, Mo. from Cory Hawkins. 

The company said it plans to change the name of the existing processing facility to Fulton Wurst Haus and Butchery and said local customers will gradually see changes as it transitions under the new owners, Mike and Lynette Sloan.

A grand opening for the updated store is planned for June 3-4. The event will allow people to meet owners and staff, have samples, see store specials and buy meat bundle specials. Other changes include updated lighting, new signage on the buildings, and a spacious parking lot. 

In the announcement, the Sloans said the processing plant in Fulton would be equipped with updated refrigeration equipment, new lighting and maintenance upgrades. 

The facility will operate under Missouri state inspection officials and has been moved up to a 45-day window opposed to the regular 90-day window. After one year of state inspection, the facility will apply for a CIS (Cooperative Interstate Shipment) inspection. This would allow any state inspected products to cross any US state lines. 

“Farmers and ranchers will be able to have livestock processed and then be able to resell their meats to farmer’s markets, retail stores, and or from the farm, opening up market availability for many,” the Sloans said.

Livestock will be purchased from local farmers to supply the demand for meat at both locations, in Fulton and Hermann. Once the livestock is harvested the raw meat will be transported to either location for further processing.

“With the recent disruptions in our food supply chains from COVID-19, lack of employees, fuel supplies, and a thousand other things, everyone needs to learn to be more self-reliant to feed and take care of their families, friends, and neighbors,” Mike Sloan said. “We also know that the shorter the food chain, the less breakage in that chain should occur. That is why our commitment to this investment is real, necessary, and important to the surrounding communities. The largest meat processors in the world will always have meat to sell to the largest meat retailers in the world. We are not on that list.”

Other additions to Fulton Wurst Haus include new updated menus. The restaurant will continue serving barbecue items such as pork burgers, pork steaks, pulled pork ribs, and smoked brisket on the patio. 

Additionally, bratwurst flavors will change weekly to show off the 45 flavors available to customers.