SPRINGDALE , ARK. — Tyson Food Service has launched Tyson Red Label products, which is the newest line of value-added chicken items made with 100% chicken breast meat. Products are designed to lower food costs by up to 20% without compromising customer satisfaction on core chicken menu items, according to the company.

“It’s time for foodservice operators to hear some good news among all the recent negative economic reports,” said Rodger Starnes, vice president of foodservice marketing and customer development, Tyson Foods Inc. “Providing customer solutions is the core of the Tyson culture. We as a company can’t grow unless our customers do, so that’s why Tyson Food Service has taken a bold step to provide operators with affordable high-quality solutions to stay alive and vibrant. Managing center-of-the-plate menu cost is key in delivering profit. We focused on a new line of America’s most popular chicken menu items that deliver an overall value solution giving operators new choices for managing their food costs.”

Using extensive sales and consumer insights, Tyson Food Service identified the attributes most important to consumers in terms of taste, appearance and performance to create a new line of chicken products making operators competitive with this line of consumer preferred products, Mr. Starnes said.

Tyson Red Label products offer a variety of forms, flavors and sizes in a range of pricing options to ensure operators have plenty of choices in offering the best quality chicken available at every price point, the company added. Products are available in breaded and unbreaded forms. Red Label products were designed to lower food costs and allow operators to improve quality on the fastest-turning chicken products on menus today, the company said.