MONTREAL — Teonan Biomedical Inc.’s subsidiary The Good Shroom Co. Inc. has announced it is breaking into a new category with a THC infused beef jerky named OG Jerk.

All Quebec stores currently carry OG Jerk and The Good Shroom Co. received its first purchase order for this product of $23,685.12. The company expects replenishment orders every one to two weeks in addition to its other hash, hash infused joints and cannabis flower products. The total Quebec purchase order value for this week for all SKUs was $ 94,523.52. Orders are received weekly in the province of Quebec.

“In Quebec the government limits the choice of edibles to products which they judge would not appeal to children such as cookies and candies, which has drastically limited the choices,” said Eric Ronsse, chief executive officer at The Good Shroom Co. “This limitation also presents an opportunity as there are no well performing edibles at present, by our standards. As the only beef jerky in Quebec, we expect that such a commonly consumed savory snack, now infused with THC, will appeal to many consumers. Concurrent with Super Bowl weekend, we also feel it’s an appropriate launch week.”

OG Jerk contains 60 grams of beef jerky (2 x 30 gram vacuum sealed packages) infused with a total of 9 mg of THC (2 x 4.5 mg of THC vacuum sealed packages), which permits the consumer to consume in doses accordingly and enjoy beef jerky in the process.