NEW YORK — Old Bethpage, NY-based Bion Environmental Technologies Inc. and Wamego, Kan.-based BetterFedFoods have signed a letter of intent to build a strategic, business relationship. BetterFedFoods, along with its affiliate companies, NBO3 Technologies and H3 Enterprises, have invested significant equity in Bion, according to officials. Over the next 60 to 90 days the two companies will work together to determine how to utilize their individual strengths to advance their sustainability efforts in the beef industry.

“Bion and BetterFedFoods share a commitment to create premium sustainable beef that is better for the consumer,” said Todd Hansen, BetterFedFoods’ chief executive officer. “Aligning our goals makes perfect sense. We are excited to work together to maximize animal health and performance in Bion’s cattle feeding operations, as well as enhance the quality and health of the incoming animals.”

Bion develops livestock waste treatment technology and premium sustainable beef, and BetterFedFoods and NBO3 Technologies have spent the last 10 years developing animal health and welfare solutions associated with incorporating algae into livestock feeding systems. Its technology delivers Omega 3 EPA long chain fatty acids to the animal through its feed. In recent years, BetterFedFoods has expanded its Climate-Smart Premiums Program focus to growing a different strain of algae to enhance plant photosynthesis and increase microbial activity in the soil, both of which lead to healthier and higher yielding feed crops.

“Animal health and welfare is important to Bion and our feeder partners,” said Bill O'Neill, Bion's CEO. “BetterFedFoods’ commitment to creating healthier feed, animals and people is a perfect fit with our own vision. Today’s consumers increasingly want products that are sustainable, transparent and ‘better for you.’ Working with BetterFedFoods will help Bion and its partners check those consumer boxes.”