SALISBURY, MD. — Perdue Foods is adding two new meal and snacking lines to its Perdue brand: Flavor-Infused Chicken and Chicken Plus Snackers.

“Perdue is constantly innovating to meet the needs of consumers seeking easier, healthier ways to explore new flavors,” said Jeff Knabe, director of marketing of Prepared Foods Innovation at Perdue Foods. “New Flavor-Infused Chicken gives consumers the chance to experience flavors from around the world and enjoy restaurant-quality, fresh meals at home. New Chicken Plus Snackers also deliver delicious flavor and are a healthier option within the snacking category that both teens and parents will love.”

The Perdue Flavor-Infused Chicken line is designed as a versatile dish that pairs well with pasta, rice or vegetables. Featured in three flavor varieties — Sesame Ginger, Green Chili and Greek — the chicken uses a sous vide cooking technique to vacuum seal and slow cook the meat. The tastes from around the globe can be ready in as little as five minutes.

Perdue Chicken Plus Snackers feature a blend of veggies and chicken. The company said the bite-sized snacks are created with the flavor teens crave and the nutrition parents love. Available in Pizza, BBQ and Firecracker flavors, the snackers can be ready in minutes by heating them in the oven, air fryer or microwave.

Perdue said its chicken is 100% natural, antibiotic-free, minimally processed and made without artificial ingredients.

Both lines are available beginning in January at major retailers nationwide.