Getting in the ear of Congress
Visit the FSIS Web site where special reports and testimony that the agency provides to Congressional committees and hearings are available.

FSIS Follows up State E. coli O157:H7 Findings
Learn about the positive results of E. coli O157:H7 samples.

Labeling Antimicrobials?
Do antimicrobial solutions need to be declared on the label?

New FSIS office to reach out to small, very small plants
USDA-FSIS has set up a new high-level office that is focusing specifically on reaching out to small and very small poultry and meat processing plants.

Help is available to rural meat, poultry processing plants
Very small and small meat and poultry plants located in rural parts of the country can get help from the U.S. Department of Agriculture with their business plans.

How to submit applications for label approval
Every day, USDA evaluates label applications for many poultry and meat products.

New meat & poultry processing at retail course for very small, small plant owners
USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service and the Association of Food and Drug Officials are offering under a cooperative agreement an online course of instruction on meat and poultry processing at retail.

Guidance to carrying out "monitoring" under HACCP
Q & A on HACCP monitoring.

Interstate inclusion?
With passage of a new Farm Bill less than one month away, processors focus on interstate shipment of meat and COOL implications

E. coli, Salmonella notice is published for small plants
Risk-based and random sampling to be the focus

HACCP basics
U.S.D.A. offers video to help processors comply with HACCP

Reaching out
Upcoming free Webinars address labeling, new FSIS policies, industry best practices for small and very small plants

Shoulder to shoulder
Plant operators and inspectors study together at U.S.D.A. events

Pathogen specifics
Dr. Wesley Osburn presents Web Seminar on food safety technologies for small and very small meat and poultry slaughter plants

Round the clock answers
24-Hour Help Now Available Online From USDA-FSIS

Food safety FYI
USDA's updated list of food safety resources available on new brochure

FSIS Answers Question About Whether a Small Company Can Have CCP for Zero Tolerance in a Cooler

In plant assistance
Food safety Web portal offers predictive models, microbiological information

SRM guidance
New DVD addresses removal specified risk material

FAQ: Corrective Action documentation
FSIS addresses a common inquiry among small processors

Fending off Listeria
Guide for developing strategies to prevent Lm. available for smaller processors

Shifting gears
FSIS offers assistance to processors considering federal inspection

Going small
USDA continues outreach to small processors on the Web

Withholding considerations
With recalls on the rise, mandatory test-and-hold gets more attention

Breeds apart
Expanding niches to processing heritage and game birds gives Eberly Poultry a competitive edge

The future of inspection
History provides lessons as FSIS works to implement risk-based inspection
May 2007