FRISCO, TEXAS – Sadler’s Smokehouse announces it has significantly reduced sodium in its top-selling "Dinner For Two" and new "Slow Roasted Meals" products and it will soon launch new packaging to identify its gluten-free offerings.

"Our customers want the convenience and quality of our authentic pit-smoked meats, but they also want healthier options," said Greg Klein, executive vice president of marketing. "Our lower-sodium offerings give consumers a flavorful, easy alternative when trying to eat better."

Sadler's reduced sodium by 13% to 52% in its Dinner For Two line, which includes barbecue pork loin and beef brisket dinners, by preparing them with lower-sodium sea salt rather than refined salt. Its Slow Roasted Meals, introduced this year after the successful reformulation of the Dinner For Two line, also feature low-sodium entrées, ranging from 360 to 600mg.

Sadler's will introduce new packaging in the next 60 days to indicate the majority of its briskets are gluten-free. According to the National Grocers Association's 2010 Consumer Survey released in March, one of the top-four consumer dietary concerns is sodium content. And Nielsen Co. reports that the gluten-free sector has increased 20% in the 12-month period ending June 14, 2009.