WASHINGTON –- Russia and the United States may soon resolve a trade dispute that has blocked U.S. chicken exports to Russia since Jan. 1, said James Sumner, president of the USA Poultry & Egg Export Council, in a Bloomberg News brief.

Mr. Summer claimed U.S. trade officials are taking a “new approach” in negotiations with Russia after earlier “bilateral talks were not making progress,” according to a memo the export council sent to its members last week. Mr. Sumner did not provide further details on the pending agreement but added, “This is a very positive development. “It likely wouldn’t have been settled under the previous approach. Now, I feel it has a very good chance, and very soon, too.”

Once the largest importer of U.S. chicken, Russia has essentially barred shipments of U.S. poultry since Jan. 1 by slashing the allowable amount of chlorine producers can use as a disinfectant, according to a report from Bloomberg News.