SINGAPORE — GOOD Meat, a cultivated meat business of Eat Just Inc., announced that Singapore-based Huber’s Butchery is the first butchery to sell cultivated meat, which includes GOOD Meat’s chicken products.

“Offering this new approach to making meat at a butchery is another historic moment in the long road to making our food system more delicious and sustainable,” said Josh Tetrick, co-founder and chief executive officer of Eat Just. “I’m very proud to partner with the Huber’s team to give people a whole new way to experience our cultivated chicken in the new year.”

From Dec. 7-10, customers can sample the new offering that will officially be available in January. The cultivated meat will be served for in-restaurant dining while supplies last.

“When we founded our butcher shop, we made it our mission to provide top quality and exceptional tasting meat products with the highest food safety standards at an affordable price,” said Huber’s Butchery managing director Ryan Huber. “Partnering with GOOD Meat is in keeping with that vision and the realities of our ever-changing food system.”

GOOD Meat received regulatory approval in Singapore for its chicken in November 2020 and December 2021. Since launching its chicken products, the company’s cultivated chicken has been featured on menus at local fine dining establishments, roadside hawker stalls and via foodpanda, a leading food and grocery delivery platform in Asia.