NASHVILLE, TENN. — Gold Creek Foods (GCF) is in the process of acquiring Campos Foods LLC, a Caryville, Tenn.-based subsidiary of George’s Inc., for an undisclosed amount. George’s acquired Campos in 2017 and shuttered the plant Sept. 2, 2022

GCF will acquire all Campos Foods’ assets, including the Quick’N Eat brand, which was produced at the Caryville facility.

“We already have been so impressed with the dedication and resiliency of the eastern Tennessee workforce on our frequent visits, as well as the continued recognition and acceptance of the Quick’N Eat brand in the market,” said Mark Sosebee, chief executive officer at GCF. “We are excited about our expansion and investment in Campbell County, as well as Gold Creek Foods continuing the Quick’N Eat brand that was produced in the Caryville facility previously.”

Along with the Campos Foods acquisition, GCF is investing $15 million in manufacturing operations. The Caryville plant will be updated and converted into a poultry further processing facility. With this addition, GCF will increase production by running 50 million lbs of par-fried and fully cooked chicken products annually and will create 218 new jobs. GCF expects to reach full capacity by February 2023.

 The 22-year-old company will employ over 3,500 people in total across its operations in Georgia and Tennessee.