SIOUX FALLS, SD. — Construction on Wholestone Farm’s butcher shop in Sioux Falls, SD, is now complete and permits were retained following a drawn-out complaint from Smart Growth Sioux Falls, an economic development-focused group opposed to the planned construction of the butcher shop and a pork processing plant.

Circuit Judge Sandra Hoglund Hanson ruled in favor of Wholestone Farms at a hearing held on Oct. 19, denying Smart Growth’s motion for a mandatory injunction due to lack of evidence, according to the meat processing company.

“At this morning’s hearing the judge denied Smart Growth’s motion for a mandatory injunction,” said Luke Minion, Wholestone chairman. “Specifically, the judge did not find sufficient evidence within the record to justify mandatory injunctive relief. The judge also denied Smart Growth’s alternative motions for writ of mandamus and writ of prohibition, agreeing with our position that neither allow plaintiff the relief it was seeking at this time.”

Last week, the municipal group Smart Growth claimed Wholestone’s permits for building a local butcher shop were revoked by Judge Hanson.

However, Wholestone responded that the judge did not revoke its permits, rather she asked Smart Growth to provide additional information relevant to the case.

“As previously stated after last week’s hearing, the permits issued by the city remain valid,” Minion said. “Despite the repeated claims of Smart Growth, there is no evidence that the city or Wholestone violated any statute or rule. Wholestone has followed all applicable rules and will continue operations as planned. Wholestone looks forward to working in, and contributing to, the community of Sioux Falls.”

While the company retained its permits for the butcher shop and completed construction, its plans for a $500 million pork processing facility await the result of Sioux Falls’ November election.