JACKSONVILLE, FLA. — Firehouse Subs introduced a new limited-time Prime Rib Steak Sub, created through a partnership with Cuisine Solutions, a manufacturer and distributor of pre-cooked foods using sous vide technology.

The Prime Rib Steak Sub features sliced prime rib steak that is seared and slow-cooked up to 12 hours along with caramelized onions, melted provolone, lettuce, tomato, deli mustard and a house-made garlic mayo, all on a toasted sub roll.

Chef Jay Miller, Firehouse Subs’ director of product development, collaborated with Chef Gerard Bertholon, Cuisine Solutions’ chief strategy officer, to form the premium meat sub.

“What makes a steak great isn’t just the chef that prepares it — it’s the cut, the care and time that goes into bringing out the flavor,” Miller said. “In order to bring that same five-star flavor to every Prime Rib Steak Sub, we had to find a partner who puts as much attention into every detail as we do at Firehouse Subs. That meant working very closely to make sure we developed the correct recipe and cooking method that resulted in a consistent, elevated product that creates an exceptionally high-end sub.”

The prime rib is gently heated in Firehouse Subs’ custom steamers which combines with the sous vide cooking method to capture all the flavor and tenderness of the prime rib. 

“Water is the best medium to transfer heat because of how precise it allows you to be,” he said. “By searing Firehouse Subs’ prime rib to capture flavor, then cooking it for up to 12 hours sous vide, guests receive an incredibly tender and flavorful piece of beef just as good as they would get at any steakhouse in the world.”