WASHINGTON — On Oct. 11, the National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) and the American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) presented oral arguments to the Supreme Court regarding their claim that California’s Proposition 12 is a violation of the Commerce Clause.

“As we’ve contended since 2018, one state should not be able to regulate commerce in another state and set arbitrary standards that lack any scientific, technical or agricultural basis,” said NPPC. “NPPC presented a strong case and is confident in its arguments presented to the Supreme Court justices. We appreciate the support of the Biden Administration and look forward to the court’s decision.”

Following the hearing, NPPC held a media briefing, where it further shared its stand against Prop 12 and expressed a positive outlook for the verdict of the case.

“… After today, we’ll win this deal,” said Terry Wolters, NPPC president and Minnesota pork producer.

Other producers voiced their concerns of the animal confinement law at the briefing.

“It’s a matter of free market, free choice, and letting consumers send us the signals but then also using the technology and the information — the expertise — that’s available to us to make the right decision for our farms and our animals,” said Lori Stevermer, NPPC vice president and Minnesota pork producer.

In support of NPPC, the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) commented on the case:

“While this case is not focused on cattle producers, the precedent set by the court will determine all producers’ ability to engage in interstate commerce,” said Ethan Lane, NCBA vice president of government affairs. “NCBA strongly supports economic freedom for all livestock producers to sell their high-quality protein from coast to coast and we join NPPC in urging the Supreme Court to reject unconstitutional mandates on agricultural production.”

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