OMAHA, NEB. — Nebraska Beef Ltd. recently pled guilty and agreed to pay a $200,000 fine after the federal government charged the company for falsely grading beef records.

According to court documents, the agreement states that Nebraska Beef could be penalized with five years of probation along with a $125 assessment for each misdemeanor count.

The latest update from the US District Court of Omaha comes after two former Nebraska Beef employees pled guilty to falsely classifying beef products and inspecting agricultural products. Former chief financial officer, James Timmerman and former accountant Dolese Tippery were recently put on probation and fined $1,000.

Court documents stated that as early as 2012, senior employees were involved in removing "original labels on the boxes of beef and replacing them with higher-grade labels such as Choice and Prime. The relabeled product was then returned to the food-processing company and put into inventory."

The original case, which started in 2016, led to federal officials asking Nebraska Beef to produce grading records for at least 30 carcasses.

Previous plea agreements stated that a corporate officer altered those grading records before turning it over to company attorneys five days later. Those attorneys then sent the records to US Attorney's Office and the grand jury.

Sentencing for the case starts in November.