KANSAS CITY, MO. - Sanderson Farms, now a part of Wayne-Sanderson Farms, continues to tout its employee investment as the main reason the poultry processor remains successful.

One of the ways the company believes it’s been effective is by implementing formal mentoring programs in recent years.

Romika Wells, director of organization development and training at Sanderson Farmsis one of the key people behind executing this strategy for executives and others. She discussed the program in this week’s MEAT+POULTRY Podcast.

Wells discusses how the mentoring program helps with retention throughout the company. She also explained how the program changed during COVID-19 and how she hopes some of it will move back in person.

Later, Wells referenced a pilot hourly mentoring program that expands the development of employees to more areas of the company. She also reflects on how the program has helped her professional development at Sanderson.


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