REHOVOT, ISRAEL — International food technology company Steakholder Foods Ltd. introduced Omakase Beef Morsels. The beef bites were formed using a 3D-printing process to achieve a marbled structure. The company recently filed a patent for the 3D-bioprinting technology.

Inspired by Wagyu beef, the Omakase Beef Morsels alternate between layers of muscle and fat tissue. Each layer is printed separately using different bio-inks. Steakholder said the layers can be printed in a variety of muscle/fat sequences to alter the juiciness and marbling of the cut.

“This product marks a major breakthrough for us and for the cultured meat sector in general,” said Arik Kaufman, Steakholder Foods’ chief executive officer. “It is the result of a lot of hard work and our desire to attain the highest standard of meat possible through bioprinting and cell cultivation processes. It also marks a significant milestone in our quest to perfect the ‘holy grail’ of meat — steak. We see Omakase Beef Morsels at the intersection of food, technology and fine art. We want to inspire chefs around the world to create mouthwatering culinary masterpieces and unforgettable dining experiences.”

In addition to the Omakase Beef Morsels, Steakholder Foods has also cultivated a 3.67-oz steak, chicken, pork and seafood.