BUFFALO GROVE, ILL. – Handtmann Inc. has expanded its line of High Vacuum Fillers (HVF) with the launch of two new HVF 600 Deli Series models designed to reduce drying times, improve yields and provide pore-free cutting surfaces for dry and cooked sausage processors.

The new HVF 658 and HVF 660 Deli Series models were developed for dry and cooked sausage processors seeking improved production efficiency and higher-end product quality for their cooked salami, dry sausage, summer sausage, pepperoni and snack stick products. The new HVF 658 and HVF 660 models include “rugged design elements and equipment technologies that have already proven their business value to customers who purchased our ham and whole muscle HVF models” when they were introduced in 2009, said Tom Kittle, president of Handtmann Inc.

“This Deli Series equipment provides major breakthroughs that directly address what processors are most demanding in these business times: more control over resource inputs, less waste, better product quality, and unmatched precision over throughput weights and sizes,” he added.

Both of the new stuffers, like all HVF Deli Series models, manage vacuum control with industry-leading power and accuracy, delivering the highest-quality cutting surfaces with excellent color, the company relays. The HVF 658 and HVF 660 also dramatically reduce product air content which “lets processors shorten drying times, meet firmness standards more quickly, increase net weights, and deliver higher throughput from their cook houses,” Kittle said.

The HVF 658 and HVF 660 have also been designed to achieve portion control within 1% over their lifetime. Handtmann engineers have integrated the patented adjustable vane cell technology with their proprietary servo controls to create this major breakthrough in processing precision. To meet emerging labor management needs and food-safety concerns, the HVF Deli Series models have been designed without hydraulic hoses and have no hydraulic fluid requirement.

For more information, contact Bob Koris at (847) 808-1100 or visit www.handtmann.com.