ATLANTA – Texas Chicken, a global chicken quick-service restaurant chain, announced on Aug. 22 that it signed an expansion deal to grow in the New Zealand market.

The company plans to work with franchisee George Constantinou and Good Taste Co Pty Limited who will add 20 restaurants starting in 2023. He has worked as a franchisee with Texas Chicken since 2015.

“Texas Chicken – through its global reach as well as its understanding of local flavors and customs – is a true leader and collaborator in the growing fried chicken segment,” Constantinou said. “The brand has helped my franchise organization tackle challenges and identify opportunities for innovation and growth, offering significant support in all areas of the business.” 

The new locations will also include a re-branding campaign called the Blaze initiative, which features a modernized dining experience. With growing demand in the Asia Pacific region, Texas Chicken also recently said it plans to open 125 additional restaurants in Malaysia.

“We are very grateful to George and his team for their leadership in the region and their trust in Texas Chicken,” said Russ Sumrall, senior vice president of international strategic development for Texas Chicken.