VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA – On Aug. 18, Modern Plant Based Foods Inc. subsidiary, Modern Meat, announced a partnership with a Canadian co-packer to scale up production of its plant-based meats. 

Currently, Modern Meat products consist of Modern Crab Cakes, Modern Burger, Modern Mini Burger, Modern Crumble, Modern Meatballs and Modern Gyoza amongst other recipes in the company’s development portfolio. The first production run with the new packer is scheduled for October 2022 after the completion of R&D phases with the new partner facility.

Modern Meat will prioritize top-selling SKUs for its initial production run. Modern Foods currently distributes its plant-based meat alternatives through Gordon’s Food Service (GFS) and Sysco Distributors, two of North America's largest food distributors. The proprietary alternative seafood product, Modern Crab Cakes, will be prioritized for the initial production run as they have proven the most sought-after product from retailers and customers alike.

The partner’s co-packing facility currently produces plant-based products and has worked with similar processes for over a decade. It houses approximately 40,000 square feet of processing space and an experienced staff. The facility has received various certifications required for production of the Modern Meat products.

“Our companies are very aligned with the vision that plant based is here to stay,” said Modern Plant Based Foods chief executive officer, Avtar Dhaliwal. “Modern Plant Based Foods is one of the first companies in the ‘Better-For-You’ vegan plant based alternative space and has remained one of the leaders in the space. Modern Plant Based is in a strong financial position poised for growth, and with this new added production we will likely see an increase in sales as other brands and competitors continue to drop off. We are proud to have stayed tried and true to our vision and are able to provide better-for-you food products to our valued consumers. Modern Foods continues to find innovative and more efficient routes to market.”

Modern Meat serves both the foodservice and retail segments through sales and distribution channels.