SAN LUIS OBISPO, CALIF. – Cattaneo Brothers Inc., which specializes in small-batch jerky processing in California, will celebrate its 75th anniversary in 2022 and continues to tout its rich history and commitment to quality.

The company’s products are made from whole muscle cuts of meat only and are never pressed, grounded or formed. Its beef products are hung to dry on steel rods to deliver a tender inside and tough exterior, while the turkey is slow cooked on a screen.

“Over the years, we’ve stayed true to our tradition of making handcrafted goods from simple, clean ingredients that enable families to make healthier choices,” said Katelyn Kaney, chief executive officer of Cattaneo Bros. “We believe the less steps between raw ingredients and the final product, the better, and that the best way to get something to taste good is to care about the quality of every ingredient you use. These values, which live at the core of our company, are what make Cattaneo Bros. jerky so unique in the marketplace and what keep our customers coming back for more.”

The company offers premium hand-cut jerky that features a steak-like quality using meat from grass-fed and grain-finished cattle. The beef products are sourced from the seventh-generation Five Dot Ranch and come in original, black pepper and mesquite flavors.  

The classic cut beef jerky is made from strips of corn-finished beef and is marinated in apple cider vinegar and a blend of spices. The flavors include original and black pepper varieties along with a sweet and savory teriyaki flavor made with brown sugar. 

Another new product is the 100% grass fed beef jerky, which comes from pasture-raised beef at SunFed Ranch and marinated in a red wine vinegar. Flavors include sea salt, black pepper, chipotle, and chile cayenne.

Extra thin-cut beef and turkey jerky is also available from Cattaneo. The beef jerky is made similarly to the classic cut. The turkey jerky features antibiotic-free, vegetarian-fed Mary’s Free-Range Turkey Breasts, and includes a lean variety that is 96% fat-free. Flavors include Honey Pineapple and Sweet & Spicy. 

Cattaneo Bros said their products are made with no added nitrites or gluten. The company sells its product online and in its local store in San Luis Obispo.