SÃO PAULO – JBS S.A. announced on Aug. 10 that it will start a new project in nutraceuticals called Genu-in to produce collagen and gelatin peptides using bovine skin.

The company plans to invest R$400 million into the automated plant and operate in the B2B market with a focus on food, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries.

JBS said that Genu-in will use cattle skin from the company’s existing production chain to develop the products.

"Collagen peptides are the protein of life because they naturally activate our body's collagen production that we lose with age,” said Cláudia Yamana, director of Genu-in. “They are present in products that ensure health, quality of life and important care of people's routine. At Genu-in, its production is integrated into JBS's value chain, which ensures safety, sustainability and reliability from start to finish."

The company plans to have the capacity to produce 6,000 tonnes of collagen peptides and 6,000 tonnes of gelatin per year for customers in different countries.